Wingwoman / Mock Date / In Person Coaching Session

Valerie Baber - Dating Coach & Wingwoman
Valerie Baber - Dating Coach & Wingwoman

Wingwoman / Mock Date / In Person Coaching Session


Spend one-on-one time with me to make a difference in the way you date. Each package covers up to 90 minutes. Details are as follows: 

Whether we sit together in an office environment, meet in a more informal and relaxed atmoshphere, or even spend a day out and about in the city, we can spend our time however you legally desire. This could mean reviewing and recrafting your not-so-successful online dating profile, or just chatting about things you don't feel comfortable revealing to anyone else. Below are three suggestions for how we can spend our face to face meetings together. Everyone is unique, however, and I am happy to arrange our time in a way that would best suit your personal needs.

My availability will change according to the city I'm currently in, but advance bookings can easily be made, or, if you're very eager to have a major mojo makeover, we can even discuss flying me to you. 

In person meetings are available individually. If you require more than 90 minutes, please make sure to adjust the number of orders placed during checkout. Meetings can be consecutively aligned. Alternatively, you may purchase single or consecutive packages of 3 hours time slots through the purchase page of this site. 

Should you not see what you're looking for here, please e-mail requests and inquiries to  

Ex. 1) Mock Date

If you have no problem getting first dates, but for some reason, can’t seem to get them to commit to a second, you may want to schedule a mock date. Consider this a coaching session that’s more interactive than just a phone or e-mail appointment. We’ll actually go on a faux-date, during which I’ll assess everything from your communication skills, to dating etiquette, to appearance, all beginning with the very first impressions of your invitation and ending on a post date follow-up. Be prepared! You will receive an honest opinion and constructive criticism, so while this can be a fun coaching session, in order for it to be effective, you must be open to receiving critiques and willing to make changes.

Availability depends on city, although special arrangements may be made under certain conditions. Hours of availability may be limited. Please send an email to with your location and preferred date to schedule a mock. 

Ex. 2) Wings

As your wingwoman, I act as your social liaison and personal introduction agent. On the ‘field’ together, you can consider me your idea-giver, fun-maker, support system, advisor, and a second pair of eyes. I can be the woman that validates you, the friend that acts as a social-icebreaker, the guidance that provides you with confidence and ideas that will help you approach other singles, and the assurance-giver that reminds you of all the great things you’ve got going for you and what you should do more of. Conversations with strangers will become easier and you’ll be left with a new trick or two to add to your social repertoire. Like the mock date, this can be fun, but to maximize our time together, you must be open to trying new things. The best results will be achieved with openness to suggestions and willingness to step slightly outside your normal comfort level. 

Ex. 3) Social Companion

Looking for an attractive, no-drama, open-minded running mate?  Perhaps you want to loosen your tie/let your hair down with a supportive and non-judgmental friend who can offer candid opinions and won’t take offense at the things you really want to talk about. I’ll be your supporter, cheerleader and no-nonsense cohort in no-limits conversation.  I can not escort you to the bedroom. I do not engage in physical intimacy of any sort. However,  I will help you find pleasure in means that don’t come attached to strings, guilt, or salacious news stories. 

Availability depends on city, although special arrangements may be made under certain conditions. Please send an email to with your location and preferred date for scheduling. 

* You may purchase individual services from the purchase page on this site. The Stripe account used to make these purchases requires a capture of your credit card information. Should you prefer to place your order through PayPal, you may do so through the attached PayPal buttons. If you wish to purchase larger packages (available in 3 hour slots, as opposed to 90 minutes), please do so through the purchase page, which you will find at the top of your screen, between Quickies and S'happenin'. 

** Please note that this time will be used to discuss things in a mature and respectful manner. Although subjects may be sexual in nature, any deliberate offensiveness, attempts to engage in inappropriate sex talk, or highly personal questions irrelevant to your genuine concerns will not be tolerated. I reserve the right to disengage from the service at any time if a client imposes threat or abuses his or her privileges.

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Hire me as your faux date to offer honest, constructive criticism and support to help you build your confidence and success rate. Or, hire a wingwoman to act as your social advisor, personal introduction agent and idea-supplier during an evening out. Both services will supply you with ideas and mojo to help get you the attention you want and deserve. Services for both begin at 90 minutes, although you can opt not to use all the time if you're in a crunch.