The Men On My Couch

Dr. Brandy Engler takes us on an insightful and emotionally challenging journey as she begins her private sex therapy practice in Manhattan. During her time helping men and couples sort out their personal intimacy crises, she, too, learns valuable lessons from an exciting roller-coaster relationship with an exotic older man. 

This book takes us from the very beginning in Florida, when Brandy is a waitress and Psych student, to New York, where she learns about what men really want, to Los Angeles, where she continues her practice as a wife to a man not quite so exotic as the first (but much healthier) and more developed therapist (who, presumably, no longer has to throw keys at mice in the middle of the night). 

This is also available as an audiobook, so if you're pressed on time but think you can benefit from getting inside the heads of men and a sex therapist who treats them (we all can), I highly recommend this book. 

Be warned that some of her clients may challenge your belief system and patience, but his WILL help you grow and understand.