So you're a therapist?  

I am not a doctor, a counselor, or a legal advisor. I am a certified coach who aims to provide you with caring consideration and wisdom from a combined 15 years in the erotic industry and graduate level theoretical studies with an emphasis on sexuality and relationship research. I regularly take CEUs from accredited institutions. 

Ours should be an enjoyable time in which you can relax and feel that you are with a savvy and forthright friend. However, experience has taught me that clients may need a more formal setting to properly work through some of their issues. If you want to combine my services with that of health or legal professionals, I'd be happy to refer you to a close and trusted network of the appropriate people. 

How do I buy a session or service from you?

You may purchase individual services from either the shop (for smaller, distance services) or the work with me page (for larger or in person services) on this site. The Stripe account used to make these purchases requires a capture of your credit or debit card information. Should you prefer to place your order through PayPal or Venmo, please send me an email to let me know. You do not need your own Stripe account to make a purchase. You only need a credit or debit card. 

Do you take insurance? 

Some mental health professionals will accept insurance, but because I am not a therapist or doctor, I am unable to accept insurance. I accept online purchases with a credit or debit card, Venmo, PayPal and, in some cases, cash.

Do you offer free consultations?  

For those wishing to see if our communication styles mesh before signing up for a package, I invite you to try an email session or an hour phone call. I do not offer free consultations.

What name will appear on my statement when I purchase from you? 

I have an LLC that has nothing to do with my name. The title is discreet so nobody will know you've hired a ghostwriter/dating coach/wing-woman, etc.  

I don't have your number/Skype. How am I supposed to have my phone session with you? 

Once an order is made though my website, I receive a note by email. I will return this message in a timely manner to provide the contact information that will be required for us to be in touch. 

What do you need from me to create and/or critique my dating profile?

Upon notification of purchase, I will respond to you by email asking for screenshots of your existing profiles (if a critique is purchased) or for information about yourself (if a new profile has been requested). You will need to tell me some basic information about yourself, your lifestyle, what you're looking for and what makes you special/funny/interesting, etc. 

If we're in the same city and you have purchased an in-person session, I can help you either take new images to post on your profiles or help sort through your existing images to find the most flattering ones. 

What can I expect during our session? 

This time will be used to discuss things in a mature and respectful manner. Although subjects may be sexual in nature, any deliberate offensiveness, attempts to engage in inappropriate sex talk, or highly personal questions irrelevant to your genuine concerns will not be tolerated. I reserve the right to disengage from the service at any time if a client imposes threat or abuses his or her privileges.

Can I see you in person if I live in Fargo? 

I happily offer Skype sessions to clients who are not in the Los Angeles area. 

How long do I have to use a package I bought? 

You have 12 months from the purchase date of your package to book all your sessions. 

What if I I have to cancel? 

Please familiarize yourself with my cancellation policy here:

What are your rates for half-hour sessions?

 If you only have a question or two, I invite you to an email correspondence. If you’d like to talk or meet, you can book an hour session . The time is yours, so if you must leave before an hour, you’re welcome to do so, however, please keep in mind there is very little that can be achieved in half an hour – unless you simply want to vent and run, in which case, I’m all ears.   

I'd like to have you as a speaker or guest at my event/classroom/Meetup/podcast. 

I am truly appreciative! Please send a detailed message, complete with verifiable links, about your event or podcast and I will happily take the discussion further from there. I do not sponsor events at this time, nor do I pay for the opportunity to speak.  

I'd like to hire you as a writer/host/contributor/model.  

If you are a photographer or company interested in employing me as a fully-clothed model, please send me an email. I also entertain in an entirely legal and non-sexual way. If you are looking for a hostess for your event, I will consider a detailed, email request. 

Can we be penpals or more? I don't need your services but I'd like to get to know you. 

I'm flattered that you find me interesting enough to want to get to know me better, however, I am here for the purpose of helping clients and encouraging thought, not for flirting. Time is precious and I believe my time is best spent nurturing the existing relationships in my life. Any remaining time I have is spent on business. If you like, you are welcome to follow me on my social media platforms. I am fairly good at returning tweets and public IG messages that are respectful and relevant to discussion topics.