Intimacy & Dating Coach  

I help generally happy and healthy people improve their romantic success by giving them a non-clinical, friendly, safe space to open up about their dating and intimacy concerns, frustrations, secrets, and insecurities. After assessing a client's needs, I will employ the most fitting techniques to help them achieve their goals. These goals may include learning how to communicate better with their partners, gaining fresh new ideas and perspectives to make their sex life more enjoyable, learning the art of sensual connection with their partners, reviewing and critiquing their dating profiles or simply having a person who "gets it" offer an empathetic ear and uplifting words of support. 

Although single sessions can be provided, the best results come from a series of sessions. This provides clients with more time for finding their sexual confidence and discovering new tools they can use for more successful personal lives. 

Clients have included: 

Couples seeking to regain their erotic connection, divorcées reentering the dating world, people struggling to find their sexual confidence, women conflicted with desire vs. social expectations, men seeking assistance with their personal presentation and people conflicted with secret love lives. 

I welcome men, women and couples of all orientations and lifestyles.

As a client, your information will be kept confidential. Under no circumstances will I reveal your name or identifiable personal details that our discussions entail in any form of media unless discussed and agreed to in advance. Your comfort is important to me, and regardless of your gender or issue, it is my aim to provide you with a safe and enjoyable confidant experience. 

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