• Valerie has been a delightful coach and confidant throughout my pursuit of partnership. We meet regularly both in person and over the phone to discuss my dating misadventures. I’m very private about my personal life, but Val gives me an opportunity to let it all out with someone who’s clever, understanding, fun and safely removed from my family and professional circles. I honestly look forward to my sessions with Val.
    — Dr. Xray, New Jersey
  • Valerie is an amazing consultant and seems genuinely interested in addressing your concerns. She is very articulate and super informative. I mean this with sincerity... Valerie surprised me with her insight and ability to influence my perspective. I purchased an email consultation and she tackled each and every issue I had. The most important thing I feel is very comfortable corresponding with her. I look forward to future consultations.
    — S.M, California
  • I've never met Valerie in person as she lives over 5000 miles away, but have known her online for a number of years. Even before she started out on professional coaching Valerie was both willing and capable of giving impartial help and advice, building on her worldly experience and knowledge. Having undertaken many courses and exams Valerie has fine-tuned her already excellent coaching sills and expanded on what she can provide. Don't let the looks fool you, this girl is far more than just a pretty face.
    — DW, UK
  • Valerie and I have presented together in college, conference, and workshop settings on dating, sexual minorities, and communication. Public speaking can be an arduous task, even for the seasoned professional, but Valerie naturally conveys confidence and assertiveness in her speaking style. She is articulate, expressive, and comfortable, likely a result from years of experience on-camera as an actress and interviewer. With the combination of her speaking style, experiences, and educational background, Valerie can offer a offer a top notch educational presentation.
    — DR. Hernando Chaves, MFT, DHS
  • Valerie's experience and inquisitive mind helped me think about which message I wanted to get across in my contact with potential romantic interests. Her excellent communication and writing skills helped me convey the message in a way that I felt both comfortable and confident.
    — 'Dutch George', Financial Services Professional

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